Anagmanta (quechua language). From the sky, from above.

Manto are the threads that coonect us.

Manto is woven in the mountains.

It descends from all …

it gains shape from the hands of its weavers and is modeled by the city and its dynamics.

The textile created has therefore a journey and a history of life, a journey which one …. 

It is shelter and protection, elaborated with the wisdom of the earth man.  It is nature.  Carries with it the sky, rivers, the sun and the wind ... It is nature, it is texture.  Rythm, climate, innovation, silence, texture and colour, which is not always the same.  Manto is a second skin and another sould that wraps us up.


Manto. Quechuan voice from the sky, from above.

Manto is protection, a hug, shelter.

The fabric rules, the fabric has a soul, a path walked and a history.

Born out of a deep need to relate to nature and a culture truly connected to it.

I travelled north and found what i was looking for.

I sensed its presence, its identity, the silence in the empty chat.

I looked into ways to get closer, to create  a project that would allow me to connect

with them by living, learning and exchanging knowledge.

A journey to connect, to share.  They opened their homes and welcome us,

they accepted us, they invited us, we listened,

we observed the tranquility and simplicity in their daily tasks,

their elegance, their customs.

The men weave, the women spin while they sing. 

They walk, laugh in an authentic and simple way, somehow shy.

They remain silent, they allow the space.

From my viewpoint and my aesthetic language i add my bit,

i search new ways, i organise, communicate.  

We walk and visit different homes, different families. 

We dream and create a group to work together.

We encourage, we inspire and we commit to do and create together. 

We give the best of each other.

The return to buenos aires, the city and its dynamic.

The search of the urban silhouette.  To cut, to put together, to sew.

To combine excelence with the best weavers from over there together

with the knowledge of the great tailors from our city. 

We print footprints on their textiles, textiles that speak

of other times when there was still time. 

We reflect, observe, study and understand the contrasts,

the different rhythms between their world and the urban one.

We looked for a dialogue, a harmony.

We design prints and shapes that reflect emotions, vibrations, frequencies. 

Connect to feel, disconnect to perceive.

Silence, enter a timeless space which is always beyond shape.

Clara de la Torre


We are clara de la torre and diana dai chee chaug.

Manto was born magically and naturally from trips we made to the northwest of argentina.

We fell in love with the place, its people, culture and energy.

We were touched by how the andean people treasured the textile art,

it is  a way of working and honoring their identity. 

We decided to find a way to connect with them,

creating a project which revalues an ancestral technique.

After many trips made from 1996, we managed to create a group of weavers in san isidro,

province of salta, they work as a community.

We got involved with its surroundings, way of life and history.

Together we create this meeting point where art,

design and hand crafted technique relate and merge,

in a sensible and respected mutual way.






The andean people do not walk anxiously because they beat at the rythm of the earth. Their attention is focused on looking with total clarity at life and trust in the nature of death. It is very sad for me to meet … and polititians who insist in suffocating the nature of the native communities. There is no formal education that substitutes the connection these people feel with mother earth and this alliance with the sources represent the exact starting point for humanity to evolve towards healthier days.

Our burocratic design has established a lack of natural values and an absence of intimacy between men and earth .  It is essential to recover the sensibility of the old values, the peace of the shepperds who wonder the mountains sometimes in old shoes, with their shirts in shreds but their soul intact like a temple.

I belive simplicity is a virtue.  I feel that in silence, the spirit finds it highest art.

By lucio boschi in his book people from the andes (2000)


We created a rich social, cultural, artistic and commercial link with the artisans,

weavers and coyas (people from the andes) from san isidro, iruya, province of salta. 

We honour/value their andean culture adding what we see through

a design that respects their cycles and contact with nature.

To share their ancestral wisdom, rich textiles and customs.

To deepen the knowledge of the place where artisans live and work.  Relate to their life stories. 

Live with them, observe and listen.  Exchange knowledge between the two cultures (urgan and andean)

allowing these two points to connect, melt and nurture through the coats.

Innovate in design, from a permament search in relation to the textiles. 

To be open to the position of the  manto  identity in new projects.

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